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Eating in Africa’s Biggest Floating Slum!! Seafood Factories!!

Published on 25 Nov 2020 / In Travel & Events


ADDRESS: Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria

🇳🇬PANLA FISH: Wash and scale fish. Stick a piece of wood through the tail and the head of the fish, making a ring. Place them on the fire to smoke for 12 hours. Mix baking flour, yeast, a little water, salt into a ball and fry

🇳🇬ONUTCHONU: In a pot, boil cooking oil with white onion, salsa (mixture of tomato, red chili pepper and red onion) and allow to boil. Add salt and fish and mix.

🇳🇬OWE FUFLU: In a pot, add palm oil. Add red onions, a spoonful of the blend of chili pepper, tomato and onions and stir. Add crayfish seasoning (red cube, crushed), salt, dried fish and stir.

🇳🇬GALIDODO: Add cooking oil, onion and blend of chili pepper, red onion and tomato. Add more onion, water, dried fish, cassava flakes and mix. Add more cooking oil and mix until finished.

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